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Describe your marketing strategy for the event & include your efforts to market the event via electronic media (5 points)

Describe efforts to draw people from outside the local market and/or attract a new visitor audience (10 points)

Attach sponsorship solicitation information & describe what steps you have taken to secure sponsors for the event (5 points)

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Describe how you will generate non-local press & media coverage for the event (5 points)


Attach an outline of your budget and note the expenditures for which grant funds have been requested. (10 points)


If this event is in its second year or beyond, describe the event's previous economic impact on the Devils Lake Area. Points will be assessed for overnight stays, attendance, expenditures and other positive impacts on area tourism (5 points)


If this event is in its second year or beyond, describe your efforts to increase this year's event attendance and generate additional overnight stays (10 points)

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Demonstrate how the event will generate overnight stays and document with projected motel reservations (10 points)


I verify that I have liability insurance to cover this event

Describe the event. Description must be clear and concise and include: location, target audience, and market origin of attendees (5 points)

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