Devils Lake, November 21, 2022: The Devils Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and its Tourism Division have launched their new website, at The dramatically redesigned website embodies the Chamber and Tourism Departments forward-thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of their visitors, stakeholders, business members, residents, and civic leaders. The newly designed website offers a substantial use of their outstanding photography with an easy navigation that flows smoothly through all the pages on the website. It is designed to unite and celebrate the value that travel holds for the Lake Region’s economy, businesses, and personal well-being.


With constantly changing information needs, the new website provides increased flexibility for online content and future growth. “It will greatly improve the experience of its users and increase engagement and overall time spent on the site,” stated Suzie Kenner, Tourism Director.


The development of the new site began in March of 2022. Visitors will notice an eye-appealing Member Business Directory, enhanced shopping pages for the city as well as downtown, and added benefits to the businesses through a new Partner Portal to show their location on a map, amenities offered, photography and videos to better promote each of the businesses. They can also easily add their events to the Community Event calendar.


With this new improved Community Event Calendar, anyone in the community can post their events through the submission button at the top. The calendar is listed on multiple pages inside the website. “We are really counting on the community to get behind the calendar of events page and start utilizing it as a place to promote their events,” stated Paula Vistad, Chamber Director. “The website is mobile friendly and really engages the visitors coming into our area, as well as our residents. A one stop site on the web is a great tool to supply information, especially when not everyone has a Facebook account.”


Annually, tens of thousands of users visit and the Chamber of Commerce felt it was time to upgrade the previous site that they have used since 2014. Next to launch will be improved relocation information and a Member Business Spotlight. “The Devils Lake Chamber continues to develop new initiatives critical to the growth and prosperity of Devils Lake’s economy,” stated Vistad. “The investment we made to this product resulted in an entirely new, efficient and beautiful website that will create economic and personal opportunities for its residents, visitors and businesses.”


Devils Lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota and has been ranked one of the top ten fishing destinations in North America, making it your premier vacation destination for all four seasons of the year. Suzie Kenner, director of Tourism stated, “we are always looking for ways to stay up to date and engaged with our visitors to fit their growing needs. The new website is a way for us to engage on a closer level with our partners and enhance the experience to get those visiting to book their trip to Devils Lake.”