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Downtown Devils Lake is to shopping what the lake is to fishing. Something for everyone. From bait to boutiques. From lures to jewelry. From fishing rods to flowers. From tall tales to service-with-a-smile. From a mall to Mom-and-Pop stores. From gifts to cookies. From coffee to antiques. From blenders to tires. From boats to tea cups. Everything for the family. Everything for the fishermen. Everything for the farmers. Everything for the campers. Everything for visitors to enjoy. 

Devils Lake, with nearly 400 retail businesses, restaurants and shops, tucked away on Main Street and along the Hwy 2 corridor, offers unique dining and shopping. Spend a few hours or an entire afternoon exploring and meeting new friends.

Farmers Markets

Our local Farmers Market takes place every Saturday morning 8:00 am - 12:00 pm, July through October, in Roosevelt Park. There is a variety of local vendors that offer fresh produce, home baked goods, handmade jewelry, home decor, and so…


Downtown Devils Lake offers a variety of local flavor in the retail and dining options! There is a wide variety of stores to pick up something you need or just a souvenir for you to take along with you to remember your trip! From clothing…