Story Ideas

Devils Lake, North Dakota -- a Writer’s Paradise

Whether sitting in the middle of 260,000 acres of prime fishing water or in a duck blind – heck even in the center of a wheat field, Devils Lake is built on stories. You can take advantage of all the area has to offer. Here are a sampling of “article angles” you might be interested in bringing to life. Your readers, viewers and listeners will be as enthralled as you. Come visit and see for yourself.

** Devils Lake now hosts the largest population of walleyes in history. Perch are a mainstay, especially in winter. Pike grow big. And, white bass are plentiful.

** Devils Lake has more shore fishing locations than any lake in North America. Also, handicapped fishing piers are set in prime fishing locations.

** Fishing is open 12 months of the year. Need a fish story anytime? This is the place.  

** Devils Lake boasts knowledgeable guide services that cater to every age and skill level. They do it all with a smile. Resorts dot the lake.

** Devils Lake is known as a duck and goose center, and originally made this area famous. The oldest waterfowl guide service is on the lake and still going strong.

** Birding!! With thousands of acres of prairie potholes, birds of every size, color and description live here – or migrate through. 

** Biologists have reams of data and observations and are willing to chat about the immense possibilities in the region.

** History. Do you know? At one time, paddle wheel steam boats roamed the lake. Then it shrunk to about 40,000 acres, before growing to its present size. Homes, farms and cropland disappeared within the past 30 years. Will they ever surface?

** Rated as one of the best ice fisheries in North America.

** A manmade dike holds the lake from inundating the city. 

** The most visited North Dakota state park lies on the shores of Devils Lake. 

** The 2021 year was the best ever in the past 5 years for Devils Lake area tourism.

** The Tourism and Chamber officials can make your story quest a reality. Call for a visit.