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Interactive Plot Maps

Make sure you have all the information you need before your big hunt to make sure you are hunting where you can hunt.

Private lands in North Dakota are open to hunting unless posted or otherwise restricted by law, however it is always best practice to speak with the landowner before hunting any private lands.

Public lands in the state also offer many hunting opportunities. Public lands are managed by several different government agencies, and hunting rules may differ on each.

New Electronic Access App

Electronic posting of private land is now available in North Dakota. This makes it easy for hunters to determine the status of land (open or closed) as well as the owner. With that information, hunters may contact the owner when requesting permission to hunt.

There are two map applications, the PLOTS Guide viewer and the ArcGIS Explorer app. Posted lands are in dark orange crosshatch. Clicking on the parcel will display the individual who posted the land and may include additional contact details.

The PLOTS Guide map mobile app does not require cell service. Once uploaded, the app allows hunters to view location, posted lands, public lands and PLOTS tracts. Go to to upload the PLOTS app. The ArcGIS app requires cell service.

Landowners may also post with signs. If the land is entirely enclosed by a fence, posting of signs at gates constitutes a posting of the entire parcel. The North Dakota code is simple, “Ask permission first.”