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North Dakota is legendary for goose and duck hunting.

Gear Up For The Hunt.

The land has as much to offer as the lake. Literally a hunters’ paradise, both waterfowl and upland game are plentiful in this central flyway.

Within minutes of your doorstep you will come across ducks, geese, grouse, partridge and even a few pheasant. Whether you are looking to spend the morning in a duck blind or watch the sunset as you follow your dog working the vast prairie, the Devils Lake region has a lot to offer when it comes to hunting.

Land Access Courtesies:

  • Ask permission for access to posted property
  • Avoid fields or prairie roads when wet
  • Remain farther than 440 yds from buildings or livestock
  • Pick up all litter
  • Close gates behind you
  • Areas not posted are open to public hunting

Helpful Links!

State of North Dakota Hunting Information

Interactive Plots Maps

ND Hunting Guide

Purchase a License

Guide Services

Forgot necessities for your hunt? Check out these retail stores that may have what you need for your hunt:

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