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History for the Curious

Built in 1867, the Fort Totten Historic Site has served many purposes over the decades and has been restored to the look of its use as a fort. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the soldiers marching in the square. For a more complete history, set aside time to enter the original buildings. Take in the Plummer’s Store and stroll the wooden boardwalks. Stop at the Interpretive Center Gift Shop or check out the Traveling Exhibits. And why not complete the experience? Book a room at the Totten Trail Historic Inn (frontier style bed and breakfast).

The downtown Devils Lake area is a historic monument to its origins from the 1880s. The charm of turn-of-the-century brick and design is seen on the buildings lining Main Street. Take a walking tour and view 59 buildings on the National Historic Register.

Stop in to investigate the Lake Region Heritage Center, museum and art gallery that houses the unique history of the Lake Region. Displays include the Old Post Office, Life of the Lake: Devils Lake, The Federal Courtroom and other unique displays.

The Sheriff’s House Museum is a stop where you can step back in time. It features parlors, kitchen and dining rooms, five bedrooms that have changed little from the time the residence was occupied in 1911. It also features exhibits narrating and interpreting the history of Devils Lake.

The Sheriff's House

Three floors furnished as a 1910-era home with artifacts from Lake Region area families, plus an attic loaded with unique antiques.

Lake Region Heritage Center

The museum features the many heritages that make up the Lake Region. Special exhibits of a pioneer doctor's room, the original federal courtroom, an early law office, a barber shop, a dentist office and display of Native American…