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Devils Lake Jumbo Yellow Perch


There is a Love – Love relationship happening in a small North Dakota city and a lake by the same name.  If you Love Devils Lake, you will Love perch.  If you Love perch, you will Love Devils Lake.   

Of all the lakes known for perch, Devils Lake rightfully claims the Number One spot.  It ranks as a great perch fishery year after year.  It produces some monstrous 2-plus pound perch.  The expert guides know perch, live perch, breath perch, chase perch and Love sharing this knowledge with clients.  Perch are located throughout the lake.  It’s not necessary to fish shoulder to shoulder with others.  Fishermen spread out.  After all, there are 165,000 acres of fishable water.

Another reason for being Number One is the location.  It’s not far from Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley, Milwaukee, Chicago or Winnipeg.  The drive along Highway 2 showcases the growers and farmers who feed the nation. 

Newspaper articles, TV shows, magazines and social media rave about the Devils Lake people and their neighborly smiles and willingness to help with whatever visitors need.  The guides and folks at the motels and resorts become friends and want you to have fun this trip and return again.

When home and you treat friends to a perch dinner, they will make plans to catch their own.  Perch are one of the tastiest, if not the tastiest freshwater fish.  Any recipe or cooking style works.  The traditional batter-fried is popular, but so are broiling and baking.  Hint: Start with minimal seasonings. 

Perch are gregarious.  They school up.  They can be discovered with electronics.  The tackle is light and simple.  They also move.  Here today – gone tomorrow.  Maybe even gone in an hour.  That’s why guides are worth their weight in gold. 

Devils Lake guides offered their opinions on why perch were so popular.

Kyle Blanchfield, Woodland Resort, “Perch are the kings of winter!  It’s what put Devils Lake on the map.  Most anglers in the Midwest grew up and have fond memories of perch fishing.  They become part of your soul.”

Johnnie Candle, “They taste good.  They are abundant.  They taste good.  When located, they can be easy to catch.  They taste good.  It doesn’t take complicated tackle.  They taste good.  Did I mention they taste good?”

Cody Roswick, “They can be challenging, yet when you find a cooperative school you get multiple hook sets.  They bite mid-day.  They grow to impressive sizes.  They’re great table fare.  They are important to the ecosystem feeding many other species.  Plus Tiger Stripes are cool.”

Ancil Reynolds, “People love catching them.  Best eaters in the lake.  But, they can drive you crazy by the hour.”

Jason Feldner, “Great when the bite is on.  Great eating.  Once they decide to snub their noses and close their mouths, we have walleyes and pike.  Yes, perch do that from time to time.  But, we keep searching.”

Mark Bry, “Nothing better than your electronics lit up and a bent rod.  Perch fishing is like an addiction – the tug is the drug.  Most can’t believe how big perch grow in Devils Lake.  We’re the destination for giant Jumbo Perch.”

Ross Sensiba, “The satisfaction of solving the location and lure/bait presentation is rewarded with a burst of action.  We have the drive to find wandering perch and experience that ‘catching’ thrill once again.  It’s a passion.”

Zippy Dahl, “Perch are THEE best tasting fish on the planet.  When the first one bites, it turns others on.  Drop down and ‘Bang!’ more rush in to smack your lure.  The up-tempo action produces lasting memories…until the next Devils Lake trip.”

Perch are found throughout North America.  The yellow perch holds the longest standing US freshwater fish record.  That perch was 18 inches long and 4 pounds, 3 ounces.  It was caught in 1865 in New Jersey.  Perch have been introduced to Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.  The European perch (a cousin) grows to 7 pounds, and is popular in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.  Perch swim in most of Europe and Russia, but the closest place to experience the best perch fishing on the planet is Devils Lake, ND.  See you soon!