Portion of Channel A Closed to Fishing

The lowest three-quarters of a mile of Channel A as it enters Devils Lake is closed to fishing effective immediately due to safety concerns as U.S. Highway 2 is under construction west of Devils Lake.

This area is closed to both shore and boat fishing, and includes where Channel A crosses Highway 2 and the train bridges. “Closed to Fishing” signs will be posted in this area.

North Dakota Game and Fish Department director Terry Steinwand said the closure is not COVID-19 related. “There are legitimate concerns from local officials about public safety, including vehicles parked illegally along the highway, as well as with people crossing the road and traversing the bridge,” Steinwand said.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation highway project consists of closing the westbound lanes of US 2 and moving traffic to be head-to-head on eastbound lanes as construction work is being done to widen the highway from Devils Lake to Church’s Ferry.

“Safety is our number one priority,” says NDDOT Devils Lake district engineer Wyatt Hanson. “We want motorists, pedestrians and construction workers to be safe in the construction area as we work to get the project completed this summer.”

This stretch of the channel will be closed to fishing indefinitely.


Year-Round Fish Cleaning Station Remains Closed

The year-round fish cleaning station located on South Highway 20 will remained closed. Another decision will be made on June 24th whether to open or remain closed. You can find three other public fish cleaning stations located at Six Mile Bay, Lakewood and Henegar Landings.