The warm weather is finally here, that means it’s time to soak up the North Dakota summer while you still can. One way to enjoy the beautiful weather is to head out to White Horse Hill National Game Preserve. White Horse Hill is a stunning refuge for many species of plants and trees while also being a conservation for the American Bison. The national game preserve offers many adventurous activities such as:  

4.5-mile scenic auto tour:
On this drive you stay in your car and observe the beautiful landscape where you can listen and see different forms of wildlife, be sure to keep your eye out for the Bison. These huge, amazing animals roam freely on this drive to the visitor center and are one of the main attractions to White Horse Hill.  

Wildlife watching:
 Keep your eyes peeled at all times when visiting White Horse Hill, you don’t want to miss the chance to see not only bison, but elk, deer and prairie dogs. While the bison and elk roam freely in the large animal enclosure there is a large section of prairie dogs and their homes right before you pass through the final gate to get to the Visitor Center. These adorable and cute animals are found digging and running back and forth to get to all the homes dug into the ground.   

White Horse Hill is home to more than a whopping 210 species of birds and with the warm weather most have migrated back to the National Preserve. Grab your binoculars and head out to watch the birds in their natural habitat.  

Hiking trails: 
There are many different trails offered for all ages at White Horse Hill. You can hike more than 2 miles of well-maintained trails that show the beauty of the refuge. Maps are located at the main kiosks and there are maps available all along the trails at every intersection to ensure you will not get lost. A wheelchair accessible trail is also available with a ¼ mile paved trail that has an overlook with a great view of the Fort Totten Bay.  

If you are feeling extra brave you can attempt to climb 300 feet to the top of the White Horse Hill peak. This climb is a steep set of hundreds of wooden stairs. This difficult climb will be worthwhile, once you reach the top you will get to see the breathtaking view that overlooks part of the refuge and the Spirit Lake Nation. 

White Horse Hill is planning some fun activities this summer for all ages. All events start at 1:00 pm and begin at the Visitor Center. 

June 11th- “Wetlands and Waders” explore the wonders of the Wetlands with Caleb Christenson. 
July 9th- “Bison and Biology” with FWS Biologist, Mark Fisher 
July 23rd- “Catch the Wave” learn about prairie dogs with Caleb Christenson  
August 13th- “The Colors of Summer” Explore native plants and wildflowers. Come prepared for a hike.

If you love the outdoors or simply want to get out and try something new, White Horse Hill National Game Preserve has something for everyone. The park is open everyday from 8:00 am to sunset. The Visitor Center hours vary, giving a quick call or looking up their website would be the best way to find out the hours you need.