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Jared Pokrzywinski

Devils Lake Pro Staff Team

Hunting and fishing aren’t just hobbies for Devils Lake, ND resident and local guide Jared Pokrzywinski, they are a way of life. That way of life started at a very young age being outdoors with his dad and grandpa. “It was just expected.” Jared said, “Every free moment we had as a family, we were outside. Whether it was casting a line or walking pheasant fields, or sitting in the decoys. My earliest memories revolve around hunting and fishing with my family.”

This early and often exposure to all things outdoors led Jared to where he is today. Jared is an accomplished professional tournament angler and Devils Lake fishing guide. His passion for the outdoors is contagious and now he is focused on handing down that outdoor tradition to his wife and kids and also teaching others how to enjoy all things hunting and fishing.


Jared P - NWT Tournament